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The new formula of power precision lean muscle includes these two extra ingredients. The reason why they are included in the new formula because they stimulate the release of human growth hormone naturally. Human growth hormone helps the body to become more active by increasing the energy level, helps to break down fat, helps in formation of muscle tissues.

I’ve been through this craze of bodybuilding when I was a teenager. I wanted to build muscles overnight and become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fortunately, I did not fall prey to those scam products, like many teens do. Many natural and chemical supplements for muscle building are available in the market. Choosing the right supplement for the right purpose is important, especially in the case of teens.

What is a Supplement?

A dietary supplement is a product that is meant to supplement, that is, support or add value to your diet. It may contain one or more dietary ingredients, which are, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, etc. Supplements are different from steroids and do not give quick results like them. But they give you more sustainable and safe outcomes. The right supplements will assist the synthesis of new muscles by turning macronutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into muscle tissue.

Whey and Casein Protein (Protein Powder)

Whey protein is widely used by athletes and is one of the best protein supplements for teens. Proteins are a great source of amino acids which are crucial for standard bodily functions. They are easily available in the form of shakes and can be consumed before or after a workout. Whey proteins digest quickly, leading to faster muscle growth. Casein protein is also one of the best muscle building supplements. Teens mostly know only about whey protein but casein is an important component of protein powder along with whey protein. It is a little slow in digestion but its benefits are manifold. Protein powder uses both these sources of proteins as ingredients as the fast digesting whey makes a good combination with slow digesting casein protein.

As far as possible, one should avoid taking muscle building supplements. For teenagers especially, it is easily possible to achieve great results by simply following a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Even if you do take supplements, make sure it is done with proper guidance and in controlled amounts. Also, all the above supplements can also be used as weight gain supplements for teens.

Multivitamins (Vitamin Supplements for Teens)
These are not required if you have a simple balanced diet. But the fast lifestyle, increased competition, etc., does not leave the teens much choice. Irregular, quick meals and increased consumption of fast food leads to the lack of vitamins in teens. To ensure that you take complete nutrition, it becomes necessary to consume multivitamins. Multivitamin tablets are readily available at any of the drug stores, just make sure you do not take them too often.

Creatine is naturally created inside our body in the form of amino acids and is used for storing energy in the muscles. Older teens can take creatine supplements safely but younger teens should avoid them as there is some debate amongst bodybuilders regarding its side effects. Research shows that a blend of protein supplement and creatine allows your body to absorb and retain creatine better. Creatine increases the capacity of the muscles to do work.

Amino Acids
Although amino acids form a building block of whey and casein protein, separate amino acid supplements are also available. Supplements like L-Glutamine are an abundant source of amino acids. Amino acids are also great anti-catabolic agents and improve the body’s immune system.

The above ingredients not only helps in muscle building, they have other effects like boosting metabolism, increasing sexual performance, and helps in burning excess calories.

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